Graduate Position in Developmental Science at University of Alberta


The Emotion, Neuroscience, and Development Lab (END Lab) directed by Dr. Pan Liu in the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada is looking to recruit graduate students (PhD or Master's) in the Developmental Science area.


Dr. Pan Liu is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Dr. Liu is interested in understanding the neurocognitive mechanisms associated with both typical and atypical socioemotional development in children and adolescents. She received her PhD degree from McGill University and completed her postdoctoral training at the Pennsylvania State University and Western University. Dr. Liu was the recipient of the APS Rising Star award in 2021.


The END Lab focuses on studying socioemotional processing in children and adolescents and how these processes, via interactions with other individual and environmental factors, are implicated in both typical socioemotional development and the development of anxiety and depression. We use a multi-method approach to tackle these questions, including behavioral, EEG/ERP, MRI, and eye-tracking measures. Recent research interests include (1) examining socioemotional processing in naturalistic settings, e.g., during social media use and (2) using novel methodologies to analyze ERP data (e.g., trial-level analysis).


The Psychology PhD/Master's program at UAlberta provides world-class research training in different areas of psychology, including Developmental Science. The program offers all graudate students a scholarship through teaching assistantship that covers tuition and living expenses. The students will have access to a wide variety of research and educational resources in the department and from affiliated research institutes. The application deadline is December 1. GRE score can be waived. More information about the application can be found here. 


UAlberta is one of the top research universities in Canada, ranking around 100 globally in multiple ranking systems on higher education. Edmonton is the capital of the Alberta province and the fifth largest city in Canada, with a vibrant, culturally diverse population of 1.4 million. 

If interested, please contact Dr. Liu ( with a copy of your CV and unofficial transcript for further discussion.

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