Dr. Pan Liu is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at North Dakota State University (NDSU) and the director of the Emotion, Neuroscience, and Development Lab (The END Lab). Trained as a developmental cognitive neuroscientist and developmental psychopathologist, Dr. Liu is interested in emotion processing in children and adolescents and how these processes are implicated in both typical socio-emotional development and the development of anxiety and depression. She takes a multi-method approach to investigate these questions, including behavioral, EEG/ERP, MRI, and eye-tracking measures.

Prior to joining NDSU, Dr. Liu completed her postdoctoral training at the Department of Psychology and the Brain & Mind Institute at Western University (with Drs. Elizabeth Hayden and Marc Joanisse) and the Department of Psychology and the Child Study Center at the Pennsylvania State University (with Drs. Pamela Cole and ‪Koraly Pérez-Edgar)‬. She obtained her PhD degree at the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, McGill University (supervised by Dr. Marc Pell).